Why BASON® is the best thing on the market?

Progressive risk exposure

We limit losses to 2% per week, and make 4-5% per week when we get it right.

Weekly compounding effect

Each Friday we take profits and reinvest them the following week. We make money in 65% of all weeks each year.

Our investment approach

We are buying volatility each week, looking to profit handsomely in a handful of weeks each year where the market makes its largest swing in our direction.
We also benefit during less volatile periods, as long as the S&P500 ends up in our predicted direction.

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    On average we tend to be correct 68% of the time in our predictions.

  • $0M

    target AUM by the end of 2024

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    return in our first full year of trading

About us

Long/short equity options fund that uses scientific innovation to deliver alpha to its investors. We apply our options strategy on SPX and SPY indices based on weekly signals from our proprietary BASON methodology.

ORCA podcast ep #8: brace yourselves for NVDA earnings

After a hotter than expected CPI report on Tuesday, the markets sold off strongly during the day, but then bounced back already on Wed and Thu, reversing the losses.

Bonds vs Stocks; Macro vs Big Tech

After a few key events have all now passed – the FOMC meeting, the Treasury’s QRA, February OPEX (option expiry), and the latest inflation reports (both CPI and PPI) – it is a good time to reflect on how the market reacted to each of these, and what it might mean for the weeks and months ahead.

All-time highs, yes, but be wary of OPEX

A much more contained and quite boring week, as expected. No big news, markets kept pushing up, continuing the momentum from the week before. Tech is still dominating.