About us

Oraclum Capital is a US hedge fund that uses wisdom of crowds and a proprietary network analysis of social media bubbles to predict weekly equity market moves.

Oraclum Capital is a US hedge fund

What’s it all about?

We trade options strategies on equity indices based on weekly signals that we derive from our prediction competition. We buy 2 day-to-expiry (DTE) options with maximum risk exposure of only 2% each week.

Our alpha is derived from being right on SPX direction 68% of the time (over the past three years). We gain 4-5% per week when we get it right, lose up to 2% when we get it wrong.

The methodology we use is a scientific innovation developed in our previous company, Oraclum Intelligence Systems, co-founded by ORCA’s trio: Dr Vuković, Dr Vinković, and Prof Šikić (see below). We’ve used it to successfully predict both Brexit and Trump in 2016, and Biden in 2020, all within 1% accuracy, among many other things.

In 2021 and 2022 we live traded the method, making 54% and 73% annual returns.

In 2023, we started trading with the fund, with a set of additional strategies, and made 19% YTD, and 37% since our March lows.